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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Playing with Play Dough


Honey Bee Therapy is honored to have an opportunity to join your family. Our goal is to provide high-quality, ethical, and inclusive services to every client and their family. Utilizing practices in the science of human behavior, we strive to make learning fun, engaging, and stimulating. 

Honey Bee Therapy believes learning should be fun and engaging so we use your child's strengths to build out each therapy session. By leaning into assent-based practices, your child will have an active voice in their learning and will be the guidebook for what matters most in their session. 

Mission, Vision & Values

Honey Bee Therapy's core mission is to provide inclusive, compassionate care that leaves a lasting impact on our community. 

Our vision is to create a community of trained professionals and informed families, where high-quality services are provided. Through collaboration and continued professional development, we hope to support our community, including our team, our valued partners, and our families. 

Our values are simple. We strive to be an Inclusive, Compassionate, Person-Centered space. 

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